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Pricing Sign is the perfect table top signage. Display it on shelving, on the checkout counter or on your market table. 


Step 1: Review our options for acrylic. Choose the type of acrylic (standard, premium, luxe) and write the color of acrylic in the "Background Acrylic" Box.


Step 2: Choose between 3-D acrylic or engraved/painted lettering for titles and logo.


Step 3: Decide if your logo will be on the top or bottom of sign.


Step 4: Choose shape of sign. Options: Arch (see in example photo) or Rectangle (rounded corner) 


Step 5: Email your logo in png, svg, pdf form and list of pricing to Request a mock up in the email. If you do not, we will not send a mock up.


Step 6: Check your email to confirm if your logo is possible to create with acrylic. We will respond within 48 hours. If logo does not work, we will give you options to move foward. 


Step 7: We will create your sign within 3-4 weeks and then ship to you!

Pricing Sign

Engraved Lettering Paint Color
  • Dimensions:

          Sign: 8 in wide x 10 in tall    Base: 10 in x 3 in

    Acrylic Thickness: 1/8 inch

    Acrylic is very durable to extreme temperatures and moisture.

    All Signs are packaged carefully to ship across the country.

    Care Instructions: Use lint free microfiber cloth and soap/water or commercial plastic cleaning product.

        *Do not use alcohol/iso propyl alcohol

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