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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a bond fee?
    On the initial rental quote, you will see a "Bond Fee". This Bond Fee is the cost of replacing materials if rented items are damaged. The Bond fee is refunded via Paypal if items are not damaged after GMG picks up items at end of event.
  • Why are seating charts so expensive?
    An average seating chart for 150 guests takes 10 hours from organizing names, to weeding vinyl, placing vinyl on sign or hand painting engraved names. The price not only dictates the materials used but the time and technique it takes to create a perfect and flawless product.
  • How does the rental process work?
    Step 1: Peruse through our extensive rental inventory selection. Step 2: Fill out correct inquiry form with names of specific rental pieces. If you prefer a Free Consultation fill out the forms below as well. Click on the following forms: Wedding Inquiry Form Event Inquiry Form ​ Step 3: We will contact you within two business days with availability for your preferred rental items. ​ Step 4: If items require wording or design customization, we request a non-refundable $75 design fee (this is a one time fee for all custom items). ​ Step 5: We email renderings of your custom designs and quote. Quotes will include a bond fee and delivery fee. ​ Step 6: To book us, we require a non-refundable 50% down for the initial quote. The other 50% is due one week before event. ​ Step 7: We take care of white glove delivery, set up and take down so you can relax!
  • What does delivery entail?
    Grand Mason Goods will deliver with white glove service at the agreed upon time for your event. We will set up signage based on venue location that is previously confirmed. We prefer a map of the venue with exact location of signage. We will pick up items and break down at the end of the event. Please inform us of end time. The price of rental item delivery is based on mileage from our office to your location and back.
  • What if I like your style but I can't find what I'm looking for?
    That's totally okay! We are open to collaborating with you on pieces that fit your vision. This does require a $75 design fee. Once the $75 fee is paid, we will reach out to you via email to set up a consultation appt to discuss design options.
  • How long does it take to make custom pieces?
    Depending on the complexity of the design, custom pieces can take several days to weeks.
  • Returns
    Refunds and exchanges: All sales are final as these are handmade, and made to order. However, if there is an error or defect on your order, we will offer a complete refund or exchange upon return.
  • Design and Logo review
    Design and Artwork review is included with the price of the hat. We ask that files containing artwork or logo information be submitted in .SVG format. JPG can be used, but only if high quality. Low quality images not only take longer for production, but they often do not provide enough detail to produce a quality design on the patch. Digital proof can be provided upon request. Typically if the file is of high enough quality and your logo and artwork is readily visible, then proof's are not required and can slow down the production process. For intricate artwork or customized patches, a proof is recommended to ensure your vision. Artwork can be submitted via email at, be sure to include your purchase order number. Proofs are only created and provided after a purchase is made, this helps us to better serve our current customers.
  • Hat Care
    What happens if the patch gets wet? Our patches are treated with a water resistant coating that allows them to be as brave in the elements as you are. We want you to adventure! We do use 100% American made leather, and even with the proprietary weather proofing, we do not recommend completely submerging the hat. Over time the leather can absorb water, causing the natural oils to be drawn, this can lead to the leather becoming brittle and losing its supple quality. What happens if I accidentally submerge the hat? We want you to adventure with our hats and enjoy your life while enjoying our product. Life happens, and sometimes we fall in. If the had is submerged in fresh water then we recommend allowing it to air dry. Submersion in any liquid can reduce the quality of the leather and reduce the adhesion ability of our bonding process. If the hat is submerged in salt water, we recommend rinsing with fresh water and allowing to air dry. How do I clean my hat? As above, we do not recommend submerging the hat. Due to the numerous available over the counter cleaning products we are unable to give adequate direction with their use, as these products may damage the leather or reduce the adhesion of our bonding process. We have priced our hats that when they are ready for retirement, buying a new hat will not break the bank.
  • Shipping and Production Times
    Shipping to the lower 48 states is free and included within the purchase price. Production times vary by season and size of order. Current production times include 1-3 days for artwork/design/logo review. Production times vary based on order size. Small orders (1-5 hats) take 1-3 days. Medium orders (6-20 Hats) take 3-7 days. Large orders (21+ hats) will take 7-10 days. Shipping varies but will reach most locations within the United States within 1 week. Production may be delayed for larger hat orders due to additional shipping requirements. Most customers receive their hats within 2 weeks of ordering. Production and shipping may be delayed for hats that are ordered out of stock, as these require additional shipping time from our distributors. Please contact us at for bulk order pricing.
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