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How it works:


In the drop box below, enter: 


First name font & color:
Middle name font & color:

Make sure to type out the name EXACTLY how you want it to be displayed. For example, typing "riley grey" will result in all letters being lowercase, whereas typing "RILEY grey" will result in the first name being all capitals and the middle name being all lowercase.


After I receive your order, I will review and contact you before I begin cutting with a mockup of your design to confirm that it is exactly what you want. You will have 2 days to respond with any changes. After the design is approved, or the window has passed, the sign will be sent into production and all changes are final. 

Our freestanding name signs DO NOT come with hanging hardware. You will need to purchase the hardware that best fits your need/wall type of where you will hang it. Our suggestions are to hang with finishing nails, command strips, or removable wall putty/adhesive.


All items are handmade. No two items will look exactly the same. Although we use the same type of wood for every sign, please expect to see variation in the grain and stain. Variations may include knots and other inconsistencies that are present in all real wood. Please understand that while we do our best to photograph our signs with accurate coloring, the actual color may vary from monitor to monitor. 

Nursery Name Sign

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